Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Odibe saves club from relegation

Nigeria defender Michael Odibe was the hero of the night as his goal helped his Concordia Chiajna side escape relegation from the Romanian top flight.

Needing a point from their last two games in the relegation play-off, Chiajna took the short trip to Petrolul Ploiesti on Tuesday night to try and save their season and did so courtesy a 1-0 win with Odibe’s headed goal the difference.

The home side made the better start as they found an opening in the Chiajna defence but didn’t make hay.

It didn't take long for the away side to open their account as a corner kick was met by a powerful header from Odibe past Petrolul’s goalkeeper in the 16th minute.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NIGERIAN FOOTBALL.. two thumbs down

Nigeria has a massive population of 150 million people, blessed with human and natural resources that have the potential of putting the country on a world map, but the reverse is the case. Football has been worst hit because of the lack of professionalism and accountability in the way the game is run in the Country. Instances of corruption and maladministration has bedeviled this sleeping giant who once rose to fifth in FIFA rankings in 1994 after a superb tournament by the Super Eagles which culminated to its second round elimination by the Azzuris. Since then the game has continued to retrogress to an alarming level.

Technocrats are being discarded for political appointees who know little or nothing about the game, and are just interested in lining their pockets with dollars from foreign trips and estacodes, leaving the game to continue to suffer neglect and deterioration, stories of officials flying their girlfriends and concubines with government cash are rife in the media, a journalist friend once pointed out to me that during a recent friendly, the Glass house ( Nigeria’s football federation headquarters) was without any key official because they had all travelled out for a friendly international.

The local league hasn’t fared any better with court cases and injunctions the norm of the day. Davidson Owumi , the purported chairman was vacated from the seat and later reinstated by another court, now he is been vacated again and reportedly arrested. The football federation elections have becoming something of a Mickey Mouse cum Tom and Jerry trilogy with accusations and counter accusations flying back and forth. Nigeria is an enigma of sorts, a country where anything goes while the game suffers, a place where someone who was eighteen (18) years old six years ago will claim to be sixteen (16) years seven years later (please do the math’s,) a country where a state FA will organize a team from the same state to camouflage as their opponents so that they can win the game by a required margin to gain promotion. There are plenty other incidents that have pervaded the beautiful game. Journalists and free lancers like me who try to expose these and discuss these critical issues are threatened by those in authority to either keep shut or be dealt with. Infact, a current board member threatened someone I know because he dared to expose age cheats in one of the nation’s age grade teams.

The infrastructure is something to cringe about, authorities who are in charge of the stadia and facilities really don’t do much, the National Stadium in Lagos is in a pathetic state and yet subsequent administrators have failed to do anything about it. It is only in Nigeria that the National league will be stopped abruptly so that the FA Cup (in Nigeria’s case the Federation Cup) can take place, while teams who are not participating seat out dormant. In as much as these problems persist,

The latest case is that of the bungled friendly between Nigeria and Ghana at vicarage road in Watford England, many of us who care about the game were shocked by the sudden turn around by the Federation who earlier had a gentleman’s agreement to play South Africa on the same date, that tie would have been much more lucrative if it had gone through but instead the football federation chose to play Ghana for reasons best known to them. Veteran Nigerian Journalist Osasu Obiayuwana explains in this post

I want to hope that one day our messiah” will come and cleanse the system so our football can be back on track and for Nigeria to reclaim her glory to launch us back to the glory days, but when that will happen I do not know, the top echelon is as bad as those beneath. YES I am talking about FIFA and CAF, won’t bother to go there because that is a story for another article, but like a typical Nigerian on a match day, I will pray and fast that so that the almighty will come down and rescue my great country from this circus of madness.

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Monday, September 26, 2011


The past one week has been one full or headaches, heartaches and so much more, no, its not Hannatu and no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I was broke throughout the week, none of that. I am peeved, mortified and depressed at the way the government and Nigerian celebrities are treating the ABSU case with levity and kid gloves.

When the story first broke, I read on Linda ikejis blog’( about the gang rape and the circumstance leading to the whole drama, I was dumbfounded and embarrassed to be a human being and a man for that matter, it was the most hideous crime and the pictures were not something you would want to look at twice, I didn’t bother to even download the video because I didn’t want to go through another heart wrenching moment, I was stupefied and miffed at the same time, yes I have heard of rapes, hell yes, I have seen threesomes or orgies, but imagine five huge idiots on an innocent girl? How can you even imagine finding pleasure in that?, I though sex was to be for pleasure or enjoyment (as we call it in Nigeria), but forcing a girl and taking turns? That surely is demonic and smirks of occultism and such (you may wish to disagree). To make matters worse, I heard from a reliable source that the university said it wasn’t in their jurisdiction to take up the case but later retracted and said the university authorities were handling the matter. The state governor allegedly said he was going to take-up the case on Monday (incident happened during the weekend), can you imagine? Why wait two days? Is your duty not to take care of your citizenry? If it was your daughter nko? Is 48 hours not enough for the culprits to make good their escape? Well I was in for more shockers, when barely a day later, the government and ABSU authorities made press statements to the fact that the incident didn’t occur in the state and on their campus to be specific.

I was shocked and confused, why make hasty statements, a girl was raped, there is a video making the rounds, the best you could have done was to condemn the act and try to diffuse the tension, instead you say it never happened in your state and that it is the work of your political enemies and detractors? Please spare me that balderdash, wetin? Which kain country be this eh?,

To compound issues, there are reports that the victim has been identified by some concerned Nongovernmental organizations and the whole drama has taken a new dimension, some much innocent people arrested based on here say and the government still mute, but that is not the reason why I am writing this. The whole incident has taken a strain on me, I don’t know why, is it because I am a father of a beautiful daughter? Or the fact that I am a husband? Or maybe because I have wonderful beautiful black sisters likes Dyenaan Dawam, Abigail Polit, Grace Auta, Joy Rimsah?, I had a shouting match with Sola Niyi because of this issue for two consecutive days at the office, we had divergent views related to the rape case, I was furious and ashamed at my outbursts, but I couldn’t help it, the government has failed us, we provide our own electricity, make our own water, our security and now we need to make out our own justice system? I rest my case.

That said, please allow me to blow a fuse, yes, I wrote on my Facebook wall sometime last week on how ashamed I was being a man and apologizing to all female Nigerians and beyond for the attitude of Nigerian men, I am against violence in any form, especially against women and children, I apologize to all Nigerian women for all that you go through, we live in a country where women are not treated fairly, even if they are, not equally, yes women have their issues, but who doesn’t?, you don’t give her enough money yet you lavish your mistress with a blackberry bold? Or you beat her up because you dinner was served late? Haba Maigida, yes I aint a saint but I have been tutored, lectured and mentored by great minds like Elder Markus Randa, Reverend Sholly Yusuf and Baba Monday Hodus, and I do not have a choice but to follow suit, I may not be the perfect husband, but I will never maltreat Hanny, yes we do have our differences, but together we solve our problems, that is the key factor, togetherness, yes it is very important. I love women, in fact much more than you, but I know where my crotch ends, I have accused of a lot of things, very bad things, but hey I don’t care because if you really know me, you will know where it all stops, I have plenty female friends but we all know where the bridge ends..yes its possible, and inside all of that I can never disrespect Hanny by going round the curve

Imagine disrespecting your wife in front of your friends, what kind of message are you sending to them? That it’s okay to treat her like that? Before you married her, you were so nice, now you act like you are God at home? Yes you are her Oga, but you can’t be her God, you aint in the skies bro, get a life, you go siddon for parlor dey form big man. Guys I am not advocating for the chicks, no, I am just saying you need to part of the family, bringing in the cash is one thing, but being an integral part of the family will solve a lot of issues, if she says help me to grind the beans for moi-moi, please do it, it might even be your key to a new sexual experience (*wink wink*), help her change the diapers, wash the plates and even sweep the parlor, it doesn’t take anything away from you, it won’t kill you, it will create a wonderful family atmosphere which is what every sane guy wants abi?, don’t allow the stress of running the family get to you, there are so so many things I never thought I could do, but now it has become second nature, please treat your wife right, she is the mother of your kids, she deserves better, and for the single ones abeg make una treat your girlfriends well, it’s very important, women are suffering in this country, marginalized , oppressed and expected to shut up. Another story came through of how a guy bathes his Corper ex-lover with acid because she wasn’t interested in the relationship again; the police are yet to prosecute the idiot.

My Oga , hanging out with your boys till 12am is not good for the family and for your health, it’s good to cool off, but not at the detriment of your wife and kids, I love to have fun, anyone that knows me well will know Andy is a “very good badt guy” but there are more important things in life, personally I want a good life devoid of heartaches and drama and the only way to do that is to create a good atmosphere where me, my wife and household can thrive, that’s my formula. Hanny gives me a “hall pass” from time to time, to allow me unwind and do my own things without bringing her into the equation, and I do same for her, I allow her hang out with the ladies, goes for “ÿawo” without me breathing down her neck *where did you go?* or *where are you going?* it gives us a fresh breathe, it works for us, I am not sure it will work for you.

I had a neighbor back in the day who beats is wife at the slightest provocation and brags about it, I was ashamed and surprised, dude pick someone your own size nah haba!, his day of reckoning came when youths around our area back then, who were tired of his attitude, broke down his door one night as he was pounding his wife and gave him the beating of his life, next day, the fool was as sober as you can get, since then we didn’t hear any. Women have suffered enough, guys’ lets do our own bit to reduce these problems instead of adding to it. Love her despite her “wahala”, we all come with plenty baggage, it’s both ways, understanding women is not an option, for me personally I have stopped trying, I just love with all the accompanying “kaya”, believe me it will save you a lot.

Moral of the story? Please let’s treat our women with respect, help out in the house as much as you can, listen to her, make her feel she is important because she is, and try as much as you can to help her be what she can be, give support, deny yourself, and see if you would not be rewarded in plenty folds.

To those rapists, I pray they are caught, and dealt with appropriately according to the law, and I also pray the police will wake up to their responsibilities, stop harassing and arresting innocent people, for bloggers please refrain from sensationalism, check your facts before going online with your stories, and for those on facebook and twitter, same applies to you.

For the man at home (including me) please stop raping your wife, girlfriend and significant other emotionally and mentally (yes oh, you think say rape na only sexually?) it doesn’t help in any way or form, be nice, be faithful , be available, be kind, be accommodating , be resourceful.. REAL MEN DON’T RAPE! BE A MAN!


Friday, June 24, 2011


pls feel free to condemn me ko?,just tapping off from gloria jenson..(25 things.......)

1. i have a big scar down the right side of my butt!!
2. i love kids (don't be surprised)
3. my biggest fear is losing my dad (damn i respect that dude)
4. i pick my nose a lot
5. iv never been beaten to a rap freestyle battle
6. i love to read bible stories( sounds funny yet true)
7. i have never been on a boat before
8. my biggest dream is to take my wife on a shopping spree in new york
9.i have dated only 5 girls "officially" in my life
10. my wife is my biggest critic and supporter at the same time
11. was once accused of occultism by a so called "sista" during my youth service
12. my first date was 15 yrs older than me


when will phcn give us power uninterrupted?
when will i ever spend without blinking?
when will sola niyi give me the low down?
when will naija ever grow up?
when will i ever stop loving ice cream?
when will i ever use my cash t buy a Nigerian made movie?
when will i stop loving football despite the heartbreaks and all
when will these female students leave me alone... i love my wife pls
when will uche ohah realise football is not man u
when will i ever have the cash to buy the car of my dreams......
when will all the religious violence stop?
when are we gonna learn to love each other?
when will i stop being true to hip hop?
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Didn’t think I was going to write anything on marriage and relationships again because some unmarried female cotemporary told me the reason she doesn’t follow or comment on my status is because I flaunt my marriage at her face (can u believe that?), felt bad and decided to take a hiatus, but hey I am back and going to drop some more. This week has been one that started with a lot of discussions about marriage, relationships, being single and lots more, It culminated when my fine sista Grace Auta dropped some advice and then Barrister Dorcas cornered me too, first and foremost, how comes all the bad chicks end up with the good guys and my beautiful sistas are not married? Is it from their end? Or the brothas out there are not looking for the “#takehometomama type” anymore? For me, I see God fearing beautiful girls, well mannered and respectful, can’t seem to hang on a relationship or get it over the line, so where is the problem?

For one, I can say that many of us give very little and expect too much (speaking from both sides) or maybe give too much when there is no need to…babes you need to be able to read the *tell tales* from the onset, you should be able to decipher the real from the fake, I know it’s a long pole but you got to do it, I was upset when one of my good friends told me she had broken up with her boyfriend because he became a leech, I was like *saywat?*, you didn’t see it till now? Or where you down with love you couldn’t see past you nose?, before you throw sand in my eyes, take time to analyse this..i can tell you authoritatively that most dudes these days are not sincere at all and I say it with lots of reservation because I am a guy myself, yes its true, our sistas need to up their game and stop acting ignorant, YES, ignorant, and I dare say it with plenty respect for the women folk, you need to be a lot smarter because the reason he thinks he can get away with what he does, is he thinks he is much smarter than you. The past month has been one that I had to stay through loads of gist from my single female friends who are due for marriage (if you understand what I mean) and it is based on *their stories* that I make these submissions.

Whatever you read here is based on the entire gist from my interaction with my single female friends and colleagues, it is not conclusive or exhaustive, but it garners plenty ‘#hometruths , yes! Plenty of it

Our sistas need to dig deep within themselves and find ways to accept their foolishness, and through that, they will be able to see the light and not keep on making the same mistakes, you cannot continue to blame *him* for everything that has happened to you, where is your own part in the whole drama, let me give you a cue, you say you are born-again and God fearing, yet you hang around with a low life who sends you on errands to buy him cigarettes and kai-kai, pleasssssssssssse, at your age and level? What do you actually expect from that relationship? Where is that part of the bible that says *do not be unequally yoked*? Dude eats u dry, takes a hike, then u burst into my office and call me and my kind *dogs?*, oh how about meeting a guy on facebook and you believe everything he says, without even seeing him, at a point you start calling him “my husband”, not even fiancé oh, abi boyfriend, but husband, does your mother or father know him? Have you been to his place? Babe, this na Africa ohh, then the guy bails out, you come to do amebo with hanny and expect me to support you?,No way, the truth is bitter but better, you aint a kid babe..You are wholly responsible for your actions oh, and even though I am tempted to agree guys are evil, this one is on you. A female student of mine went to “camp”with a guy during the holidays, she called me and was asking when school will be resuming, I asked her where she was and she told me she with holidaying at “her husband’s” place, I was like, haba when did u get married?, just imagine, no one in your family knows him, they haven’t collected any bride price or even done introduction, you now elevate him to that exalted position, why take the risk, what if something goes wrong, in fact why give him your body on the cheap?, I am not a pastor but hey,that thing between your legs should be given some sort of respect abi how una see am?, ok , so the guy gets his fill, tells your off, you make the four hour journey back to kontagora and start calling me names..Was I there when it was going down?

You can accuse me of a lot of things but I dare say I have long learnt to stop blaming anyone for my troubles; I do a thorough soul searching before I start pointing accusing fingers. I have been used, misused and abused by women, infact I don try for women, I have tried oh, I remember a girlfriend I had way back, who I do cook for every other Sunday (Sunday-Sunday rice) *wink wink* and take to her hostel while she was in school (yes I did, and she is on Facebook too) but ended up broken hearted, I didn’t call anybody names, I just dusted my embarrassed behind and carried on with life, those who knew me well in Jos will tell you of my ordeal with a certain lady who slapped me twice in front of my friends and was generally abusive ( oya kyonne, uche, dan hodus and Sandra Mandy start laughing), yet I didn’t call women b^*t~s or any other names as such.

Remember, this is for my friends whom I have being having discussions with over the past one month, this aint exhaustive and it won’t answer all of your questions, I aint God, I don’t have the answers to everything, I am just pointing out where I think you got it wrong, most of you are making it too evident you are desperate to get hitched, marriage is good but it aint the ultimate, your happiness is most important walahi.

Please, I want to beg my beautiful sistas, you are all beautiful and resourceful, don’t allow any man to take advantage of you, or rubbish you, don’t show desperation because it will make you vulnerable to a lot of things you will regret later, look before you leap ohh, love aint blind anymore, if he doesn’t earn it, he can’t have it. Your body is very very important; don’t think if u give it up, he will marry you, it doesn’t work like that anymore, if u are steadfast and faithful God go pity you give you better husband like he pitied me and brought Hanny to lighten up my *yeye* life.

Abeg make all the mistakes and accusations and cursing stop. May your roads be rough; I wish you what you wish yourself.